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MGI Assurance is a 35-year old preferred homeowners and auto agency, committed to providing its customers the best insurance value and service possible. 

Located in Miami, we serve all of South Florida with A-rated admitted carriers that provide security and peace of mind for our most valuable assets. 

As independent agents we represent many carriers in order to provide you, the customer, the best combinations of price, coverage and service.  We service your insurance needs just as we do our own. 

We firmly believe that “jack of all trades” means “master of none”.  We specialize so we can be the best, most competent agency available for Home and Auto insurance. Thus, our focus is unique and complete.

Your home is one of your largest investments. You want comprehensive and value-priced home insurance coverage tailored to your individual home and possessions.

We help you achieve that goal by our association with home insurance carriers such as

  • Mercury Insurance Group,
  • Olympus,
  • Sawgrass Mutual,
  • Federated National,
  • Citizens,
  • Universal Property & Casualty

It is our mission to deliver to our clients the most competitive prices in Florida home insurance. Whether you are purchasing a new home or need to review your current coverage, MGI Assurance can help find the right homeowners insurance policy for you.

Submitting home quotes through this website will be available soon.

Please call or e-mail us for a quote.

Driving in South Florida requires not only responsible behavior but prudent choice of insurance coverage to protect our vehicles, our assets and ourselves. You want comprehensive and value-priced insurance coverage tailored to your individual situation.

We help you achieve that goal by our association with auto insurance carriers such as

  • Infinity Insurance,
  • Progressive DRIVE Insurance,
  • Mercury Insurance

MGI Assurance is committed to deliver to our clients the most competitive prices in Florida auto insurance together with the service needed to maintain the right package.


American Bankers 800-423-4403

Atlantic Preferred 800-365-8541

Citizens 866-411-2742

Coral Insurance 800-875-8330

Deerbrook 800-333-7276

Federated National 800-420-7075

Fidelity Flood 800-820-3242

Florida Select 800-700-0101

Gulfstream 866-485-3004

Liberty American 800-299-8911

Mercury 800-489-7001

Peninsula 877-994-8368

Progressive 800-274-4499

Tower Hill 800-216-3711

United P&C 800-882-0180

Universal No Amer 877-900-3970

Universal P&C 800-425-9123


Please note our new address

MGI Assurance Corp.

1400 NW 107th Avenue, Suite 210

Doral, FL 33172

Ph.: (305) 253-3111

Fax: (305) 253-3112

E-mail: service@mgiassurance.com